Trends: The Naked Cake

Trends come and go. The Naked cake trend seems to have lingered for a few years now, and I still get requests often.


As a cake maker, I do love this trend, but even more so as a viewer-of-cakes.  It is so simple, yet so effective.  There are definitely downsides to this choice. The cake is put together with minimal buttercream, so it can dry out if it stands out for too long.  Summer, and buttercream cakes are also not a match made in heaven, but with some experience and careful planning, it is do-able.

I love fresh flowers on cakes, they are so naturally beautiful, making the job of the cake maker that much easier.

I love to play around with flavours and fillings. Any “colour” cake can work depending on the décor of the event – I have done them in chocolate, red velvet, Turkish delight and many other light coloured cakes.  It is great to use a filling that helps keep the moisture in, like a nice rich white or dark chocolate ganache, a lemon cheesecake filling, or some buttercream with passionfruit.

Long live the Naked Cake .. here are a few I have done

~ Cake Sensation


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